Huizhi Holdings ,a well known group in chemical production& oil filed service in China. 

Our business is widely spread in Oil Field Drilling, Stimulation , Cementing , Mining Industry, Water Treatment and Paper Making, and Agriculture.........SDB is referring to SHANDONG BIO-CHEMICALS, a subsidy of Huizhi Holding ,is now growing rapidly in global market.

Our scope: Chemicals Supply & Tailor made Technology & Project Contracting and Operation

Our state-of-the-art plants are designed and highly automated with world-scale capacity, allowing us to deliver high-quality products with precision and efficiency. We back up our petrochemicals with full technical and laboratory support, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service. 

Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience in the field, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of chemical technology to meet the needs of our clients. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solutions to their needs.

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Tier One Polyacrylamide Manufacurer in China Integrated Service Provider of Oil and Gas Field Technology

Drilling & Completion Fluid Technology

At present, Huizhi holdings has a total of 22 kinds of drilling fluid products in 7 categories, providing customized drilling fluid technical service solutions and one-stop product distribution solutions to global users. The company has a professional drilling fluid laboratory in Qingdao, which is used for the performance testing of all drilling fluid products and the research and development of new products and new systems.


Huizhi holdins can provide high performance water-based, oil-based, high-temperature resistant, salt-resistant, environment-friendly and other drilling fluid system products and services. Special drilling and completion fluid systems include:


HPHT oil based drilling fluid

High-performance environment-friendly water based drilling fluid

Environment-friendly reservoir protection drilling fluid

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Fracturing Stimulation Technology

The fracturing Division is mainly engaged in the research, introduction and promotion of new oilfield fracturing technologies. Its products and services cover all stages of oil and gas well fracturing. Huizhi holdinsg has both single fracturing fluid additives and fracturing fluid systems applicable to different formations and working conditions, and can also provide customers with fracturing fluid treatment and flowback fracturing fluid  treatment services.


In addition, Huizhi holdings has unique technologies in logging interpretation, in-situ stress prediction, formation fracture pressure prediction,  fracture propagation simulation, fracture morphology and productivity prediction.


Huizhi holdings can not only provide customers with complete fracturing design according to relevant data, but also provide customers with appropriate fracturing fluid technical services according to their fracturing design.

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Profile Modification Technology

The service scope of the profile-control flooding division mainly includes two major sections: polymer flooding and profile control & water plugging. Huizhi holdings has a professional laboratory in Qingdao for product development and a full set of plugging agent system performance testing. Huizhi holdings has self-growing soft elastic particle enhanced flooding technology, nano polymer microspheres and anti-temperature & salt-tolerance water plugging technology with independent intellectual property rights. It has developed high temperature resistance and salt-tolerance functional polymers, polymer emulsions for profile control and water plugging, compound cross-linking systems and accelerants.


At the same time, Huizhi holdings has long-term cooperation with China University of Petroleum to jointly promote multi-scale dispersed particle gel,  nano-imbibition oil displacement and heavy-oil thermal recovery technologies.

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Service Cases

Tier One Polyacrylamide Manufacurer in China Integrated Service Provider of Oil and Gas Field Technology

Huizhi Holdings--successfully completed a challenging oil exploration and development project

Henan Oilfield Case From Huizhi Holdings

The profile control technology of gel dispersion in Fushan Oilfield

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The Technology of Displacement purging by Nitrogen from Huizhi Holdings


Introduction of the High-efficiency Surfactant Compound System from Huizhi Holdings

Polymer flooding, binary and ternary combination displacing are the main measures to further control oil recovery costs and increase oil recovery in the later stage of oilfield water displacing. Relying on the professionaltechnology and larger scale, Huizhi holdings has continuously made technological breakthroughs in the field of polyacrylamide products for flooding and has launched a variety of salt-resistant product types of polyacrylamide for flooding. The high-efficiency surfactant compound system developed by Huizhi can be compounded with polyacrylamide, alkali and other chemicals for binary and ternary compound flooding.


Surfactant Chemical Product from Huizhi Holdings

Surfactants, also known as interfacial active agents, are substances that can significantly reduce the surface tension of the target solution, which can reduce the surface tension between two liquids or liquid solids. A wide variety. The most typical example is soap, which has the effect of decomposition and infiltration, and is widely used. Surfactants are generally organic amphoteric molecules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, usually amphiphilic organic compounds containing hydrophobic groups (" tail ") and hydrophilic groups (" head "). Therefore, they are soluble in both organic solvents and water.


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